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World Chambers Congress 2017

The Durban Chamber is proud to be a partner of the World Chambers Congress 2017 in Sydney this year. President of the Durban Chamber, Mr Musa Makhunga, and Mr Russel Curtis will be addressing many of the delegates with the ultimate goal of promoting Durban as a favourable investment destination. What’s more, the Durban Chamber will be taking along a group of SMMEs accompanied by our Enterprise Development Manager, Nanana Sabela.

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10th World Chambers Congress 2017
19 - 21 September Sydney, Australia
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About World Chambers Conference

The World Chambers Congress is the premier event of its kind bringing together chamber, business and government figures alike. Now in its 10th edition, this flagship event is much more than just a chamber’s gathering. In convening the globe’s most prominent leaders and brightest minds, we aim to transform the future of business.

The #10WCC is jointly organised by the Sydney Business Chamber, a division of NSW Business Chamber. It will be held in Sydney, Australia from 19-21 September 2017 and takes place in the harbour city’s newest convention centre, the International Convention Centre Sydney.

14 Darling Dr, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
3 Days

An unparalleled opportunity to connect and strengthen relations.

103 Speakers

Keynote addresses from Heads of State, chamber leaders and some of the most influential industry leaders.

24 Sponsors

Representing government, education, banking and business sectors.

1000 Delegates

A diverse international group of individuals representing over 100 countries

Our Speakers

President, Durban Chamber of Commerce

Musa Makhunga with a career spanning about 30 years over diverse industries including, education, manufacturing, mining, retail, banking and consulting. He is the founding managing director of HR Matters (Pty) Ltd, a local Strategic HR Leadership specialist firm. Musa,with other budding entrepreneurs are establishing presence in other key industries within the Province, including mineral sands, agriculture and aluminium. He is also active in the NGO sector whether through HIV/Aids or Education related philanthropy work, he has been part of founding and running. A teacher by training, ex Corporate Executive and latterly Businessman by practice, Musa holds a B Paed degree (University of Zululand), Hons. B B&A degree (University of Stellenbosch – Business School), MDP Certificate (Graduate School of Business – University of Durban Westville), Dip. Labour Relations (School of Business Leadership – UNISA) and other specialist certificates.

Makhunga will speak in the session “Changing chamber business models“.

CURTIS Russell
CURTIS Russell
Investment Promotion Authority

Russell is currently in charge of the Durban Investment Promotion Authority within the Ethekwini Metro for the last 15 years. He is a Board/Council Member of the Durban Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and past Chairman of the Institute of Directors for KZN. He is also one of the Founding Board Members, KZN Sustainable Energy Forum (KSEF). Previously he served on The Mercury Highroad Editorial Board, Independent Newspapers Group, plus on the Boards of Commercial & NPC’s. Internationally, he was invited by the UN to sit at the Investment Advisory Council 2008/9, & again 2016/17. Russell has also served on the MCI/World Bank Expert Advisory Group on City Investment Promotion & has jointly authored publications. He was a UN World Investment Forum Panelist in 2010, 2014, & 2016.

Russell Curtis will speak in the session “Cities“.

Notes from the Chief Executive Officer

CELE Dumile
CELE Dumile
Chief Executive Officer

The chamber movement has had a long history in furthering the interests of business. The first chamber of commerce was founded in 1599 in Marseille, France. Over the centuries each chamber has had its own role in the business world shaped by location and situation.

Currently, the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has a unique set of challenges to face in order to ensure that it is an active voice for business in the current economic environment. Importantly so, the mission of the Durban Chamber is to contribute towards creating a conducive economic and business environment in eThekwini and beyond as well as providing services specifically relevant to small and large business in the region.

Acknowledging the positive role that the private sector performs in the value chain is often overlooked. The private sectorin every country is the community at work and as a part of the community, business today comprehends its impact better then before. Its influence on economic and social development, respect for the environment and efficiently and effectively managing resources represents an important contribution to the well-being of its communities.

A free market economy system is imperative if growth is to occur. Each business has an important role to play. Small, medium and micro business is essential to ensure that innovative goods and services are on offer. Big business anchors our country's economy as they participate in global value chains while providing enormous supply chains which are critical for the sustainability of small local suppliers. Within such a market-based economymonopoly activity is curbed from taking control of the market place, limiting competition and driving up costs.

As such, all businesses entities may be seen as agents of change in society and at the forefront of the development of new skills and technologies. Increasingly, the private sector is working to address issues such as climate change, energy and green technology as well as a number of other related concerns.

The role of the private sector to counter poverty, unemployment and inequality can never be over emphasised as each business is a key provider of employment opportunities for all people in society, Wealth generation and social upliftment allows greater access not only to education, housing, healthcare but access to all commodities that drive societal growth and development.

Continued support for the private sector, working in collaboration with the other social partners; public sector, labour and civil society, remains the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry's key objective in an effort to create positive change towards a growing, inclusive and sustainable economy

Dumile Cele
Durban Chamber of Commerce CEO

Our Focus

Celebrating over 160 years of business leadership, Durban Chamber provides:

Lobbying and Representation

To create a platform to effectively and adequately communicate with and lobby all levels of government and other strategic stakeholders on behalf of the eThekwini business community.

Economic Growth

To facilitate and promote economic growth in the region in partnership with strategic stakeholders.


To provide opportunities for Members of small and large business to interact in a meaningful way that adds value to all stakeholders


To provide current and relevant business information timeously.


The goal of the Durban Chamber Foundation is ensure the implementation of workplace interventions to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS in partnership with business, the public sector, civil society and faith-based organisations.


To promote SMME growth through mentorship, enterprise development and business skills training.


To restructure and redesign current service offerings to add real value to members.

Evaluate and discontinue services that are not adding sufficient value to members.

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